As I sat in a matatu awaiting the driver to engage the clutch, my minds wandered freely. What if she was only joking? What if she doesn’t show up? What if she shows up in company of her man? There were several what ifs criss-crossing my mind albeit, I didn’t change my mind. I was very much determined to meet her, and I was excited about the prospect of touring Narok County for the very first time; a county that produced miss tourism Kenya 2019 and was perhaps going to produce my ‘first lady’.

I could often hear a voice telling me, “JB, people who have achieved great things in life have had to take risks. You are no exception. Go ahead, she has never lied to before. Be optimistic”! That voice kept on coming whenever I start to despair. Fellow passengers conversed with one another about the weather, football and the famous handshake in Kenya but I had no interest in anything except meeting Chep, as I had grown fond of calling her.

When the driver negotiated the first corner in Nairobi just after leaving the station I sent her a message, “We’re now leaving Nairobi my dear. See you in the next two hours or so”.

Chep replied immediately but in Kalenjin, “Itagat! Achamin we nenyu” (welcome. I love you dear). I immediately locked my phone and placed it in one of inner pockets of my leather jacket, zipped it up and sat upright with my both arms folded before my chest. Chep was waiting for me and knowing that alone was enough to heal even a headache. Looking out through the windows I saw trees and buildings running backwards at a high speed, the driver was supplying the engine with enough fuel I guess.

I alighted in Narok town a few minutes to 10am. Being on a Valentine’s day, red and black colours were notably the dominant colours. I adjusted my red tie and tucked in properly, and then hired a motorbike to Abossi Hotel where Chep was likely to be waiting for me. The road was full of dust. When I arrived there I called her, she did not pick, second time she did not pick third time too. I thought what I feared for the most had come. I moved into a shade and started wiping the dust from my clothes with a handkerchief while pondering on what to do next.

Suddenly someone blindfolded me from behind. The softness of the palms revealed who it was. No robber on this earth has such soft hands and strong fragrance.

“JB welcome to Narok. Ababai amuu kwenyoo” ( I’m glad you came), Chep said heartily letting go of my eyeballs which had already gotten used to her hands. We anxiously hugged and exchange pleasant smiles. “I thought it was a hoax”! I said trying to suppress my excitements!

“What did you think was a hoax dear”? She looked straight into my eyes.

“Your coming to meet me here”.
Chep held my left hand and started walking towards a panya route leading to a certain hill. “You are yet to know me JB. That is why you think I can just promise to hook up with someone for the sake of it”, I felt embarrassed.

Chep is a bit tall with admirable lateral growth. Her center of gravity (COG) rests slightly below her navel. Her skin colour and chocolate share ancestry and she is proudly beautiful naturally. No makeups. Her small round face, small eyes and nose give her a unique attractive look. And I haven’t said anything about her small succulent lips!

As we walked up the hill I remembered the story of Waiyaki and Nyambura in the novel The River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. The more we walked up the hill the more my blood boiled up. “This hill is called Abossi”, Chep continued after a short silence, “it is an important physical feature in our community. For many years elders have come here to worship whenever it was necessary to ask for anything or just thank God for adequate rains, bumper harvest or healthy and active livestock…”
“So it serves as a shrine”? I interrupted.

“To some extent, yes. It’s here where boys assemble during and initiation. Sometimes people come to this hill for adventure or picnic or just have their time away from interruption and noise, people like us, you and me”, she laughed and gave me a stolen glance.

Listening to Chep talk about her community and the Abossi Hill was a wonderful experience. Her natural soft voice and Kalenjin accent had a soothing and delirious impact on me. I wanted her to go on and on but she cut the story short once we were on top of Abossi Hill. Narok is a beautiful County when viewed from the hill. Green and hilly.

“That over there is Narok town “, Chep said pointing her finger at what looked like a few tents erected for guests. I nodded my head and let my eyes wander from one place to another. I noted that, even though Narok has plenty of resources, it is lagging behind in terms of development; especially infrastructural facilities and amenities. “Whenever it rains heavily that town you see there floods. Ours is a poor landscape JB”, her voice was faint and barely audible. Perhaps she regretted!

She took me to another place on hill where there was a pair of flat stones similar to grinding stone.

“We are going to sit here my dear” she pulled out a red handkerchief from around her waist and carefully wiped the stone on the right then the left. As she wiped the stones my minds wandered. I looked at Chep closely and all I could see was a beautiful young woman wiping am expensive car in the front yard of an expensive mansion. I saw well nurtured and socialised African woman in Beatrice Chepkirui, a woman who deserved to be treated with respect and dignity. A woman worth being wifed by a loving and caring man with whom she was on the hill.

“Karibu, tebii ingweny”! (Welcome, sit down please) she said after she spread a red cloth on both stones. She wore a seductive smile that almost carried me away. “Why did you chose this as venue for our date”? I asked whilst sitting down.

“The two stones are believed to have been chairs of our ancestors. The couple used to sit here and watch over the Narok land stretching to beyond those hills at the far end”, she indicated with a sweep of her left hand in the air then proceeded, ” I have always wanted to sit here and watch my ancestral land like my ancestors, albeit, my grandma told me that it was a taboo for a single girl or boy to sit on these stones”, she paused, held my hand and looked directly into my eyes like an optician, “I chose this venue because I believe I’m no longer single, JB” tears welled in her beautiful small eyes as her voice faintly came out carrying lots of feelings!

Beatrice was very emotional. Even though I didn’t know much about her past, my presence seemed to foster in her the dreams of young womanhood. The dreams of having a man of her own with whom she could share her secrets and life admirations and challenges. The feelings we had for each other on that hill were strange and overwhelming, the feelings that always drawn up some people in such a quiet, peaceful and isolated place.

“Chep, achamin chamanenyun. You are a queen to me. I have learnt a lot from and about you. Now I know what I have been missing. I promise to love and adore you always. Come and sit on my laps darling”, She weakly stood up and sat on my laps. I felt like the circuit was complete!

“JB I carried a Kalenjin regalia for you”, she opened her handbag and groped for something. “Here it is. It is worn on the wrist by both men and women but the colour of these beads is what determines the gender”.

“And what does it mean, Chep”?

“This I give to you purely as a keepsake darling, nevertheless it could mean other things in other contexts. And I am putting it on your hand right away”, she held my left arm through her armpit onto her bust and had it on my wrist. All this time I was not me. I realized I had missed a lot in life but it was not too late to start having it. Chep opened my romantic eyes and ignited a fire in my heart. A fire that burns sorrows and worries in life. Truly, there are women out there who have lots and lots of love but there’s inadequacy of loyal consumers, like me. In her own words, love is an art and it is expressible.

“Kongoi my love. I will keep this array where you have placed it throughout, it’s you who will remove it if need be. Chep you are valorous and I love you so much”, I was sweating furiously. Chep loosened up my tie and helped me to unbutton my shirt. Her eyes were wet, and perhaps she was wet everywhere. She kissed me and her first teardrop fell on my chest and trickled downwards like a rain drop falling from the sky. It was a warm teardrop. She repeated it and more teardrops fell on me; within a few minutes I was wet and she too was wet. I held her tightly against my chest but I could not have enough of her. She had grown too weak to resist being held in whichever way I wished to hold her. So I held her in whichever ways. It was the first Valentine’s day I had someone to hold in whichever ways.

Birds and butterflies of the hill sang and jumped from one branch of trees to another with overwhelming happiness. Small birds jumped on each other’s backs and spread out their wings and feathers. Maybe that is how birds undress. Or perhaps they were congratulating their fellow lover birds and reminding them of what happens in the interior of Abossi Hill. All of us were birds and butterflies of the hill. I didn’t know being a bird or butterfly was such an amazing thing.
“JB do you see that dam down there”? Chep gobbled trying to regain her consciousness. The dam appeared small from the hill top but its water reflect a lot of light. “Yes I see it dear”, I responded wiping my eyes with the back of my hand like a man who had just been woken up in the middle of the night.
“It is a big dam when viewed from around there. Next time when you come I will take you there to see the surroundings, ever green crops”. One thing was clear, Chep had already come back from the imaginary world. The world of birds and butterflies.

We talked and talked the whole day. This was the shortest day I have ever seen, it ended so fast! As I held Chep’s hand descending from the hill it was undoubtedly clear that the two of had just started a journey. A journey that would later on culminate into a big ceremony involving people of all walks of life. People of different cultural practices and beliefs. Our hearts beat rhythmically together and perhaps there’s an imaginary blood vessel connecting our hearts to each other…
Achamin we nenyu Beatrice Chepkirui.



In search for green pastures, my friend Oniego and I traveled to Westlands here in Nairobi to try our luck. In our pouches were photocopies of our credentials in multiples carried with intention to distribute them to various institutions and organizations away from our Makina, Kibra where we lived.

Much of the money we had was spent on printing and photocopying and we had to walk half the journey before boarding a Matatu. But prior to this day, we had set aside ksh. 150 for our lunch. That seemed to be too much for unemployed men that we are but as usual, approximated cost is usually higher than the real cost. If it remained we would buy fruits or something else.

At exactly 9:34am we alighted from a Matatu near Nairobi School. This being a dry season in Nairobi, our shoes were dusty and dirty. We cleaned them up using leaves from the roadside then polished them up with pieces of tissue paper. We were now ready to start hovering, hopping from one office to another with the courage of a village night runner.

“For now there is no vacancy but you leave your documents behind just in case…” We were told that statement in almost every office we went. It was a ghost awakening statement. Why would we print out and photocopy our papers, with our own money, to just go and dish them out to be burnt?

As we walked along the road I would clearly hear Oniego’s joints produce a sound similar to the one produced by hooves of cattle climbing up a stony hill. After visiting several offices, including security firms, with nothing to show of we felt exhausted and emaciated. But we always strived to hide it from the public.

As we walked back to Nairobi we spotted a small hotel directly opposite Safaricom house. We went there to fuel ourselves and also to relieve our joints and muscles. Oniego moved very fast and swiftly towards the hotel as though he was in imaginary magnetic field and was being pulled by some strong magnetic forces.

Our ksh. 150 could only buy Githeri+ porridge or Ugali+ Sukuma. But ugali+ sukuma had become our daily bread back in Makina. Why invite deficiency diseases? We ordered for Githeri+ porridge at a cost of 70/- per head. The porridge was fermented, or rather it had enough lemon zest in it to stimulate salary glands in the jaws. That was the best porridge ever.

We both liked it. It was a fantastic meal albeit it was not a balanced diet. But all we cared for was quantity. I had already straightened out my finger to start licking the cup when I heard a soft voice of a young female shout from the counter, “Customer acha tu tutaosha!” (Customer don’t bother yourself we will wash it). I could see other customers’ shoulders moving up and down as they tried to suppress their daughters. For the first time I felt very embarrassed than I would while walking naked in a busy supermarket.

Oniego went to the counter to pay for the food as I stood up and matched out of the hotel with a don’t-look-at-me face. I waited for him outside, a hundred meters away. It didn’t take long before I saw him coming while smiling broadly.

“The lady has apologised for embarrassing you”, he told me. I didn’t reply. An for such embarrassment should be delivered by the perpetrators themselves so can see in their facial expressions, body movements and tonal variations communicate the same message. We started walking back home in a renewed spirit.

On our way we saw a young man who was very drunk and dirty from the toes to the hair. He was tired and unconscious. Seemingly he had fallen several times in sewers before he decided to sit by road to calm the storm in him. Thick saliva was oozing from his mouth even though his eyes were not completely shut. But there are people who sleep with their eyes half open. Maybe be he belonged to that species of people.

Two-one-thousand notes protruded from one of his pockets. My friend almost bent over to pull them out before we realized that there was a heavy built man coming from behind us. We walked slowly to allow him to pass before we could go back for ‘our’ money. Unfortunately, he too saw the money and pulled it out immediately. He beat it with his middle finger to remove dust particles, placed it in his pocket and walked away bouncing. I felt a special type of pain I had never felt before. It was excruciating to watch that bitch unapologetically walk away with ‘our’ money. We accepted the loss and walked back home weakly.


I honestly didn’t know where River Naiberi was located. In fact I did not know it existed until the day Daisy and I had a date in Eldoret. We had planned to meet in Eldoret town at 11am before we could decide where to spend our day together and the venue wasn’t a big deal since Daisy knew Eldoret town like the back of her hand.

Earlier, almost three months before, we spent a lot of time video chatting on Skype and WhatsApp. Daisy was a beautiful Kalenjin girl with angelic voice and look. Her broad shoulders and strategically protruding bust, medium sized eyeballs with thick eyelids and ever succulent lips were some of the things I loved about this girl. And unlike most Kalenjin girls, she had a lighter skin and had natural hair that fell on her shoulders.

Upon arrival I found her standing by the bus stop waiting to receive me. When I alighted from the bus she ran towards me with open arms to hug me. I felt like an African president on a state visit in some western countries. We hugged for a while as passers-by threw glances at us admiringly. Daisy had sprayed strong deodorant on her knee-length brown dress that made her smell like a rose flower, and was like a worker bee patching on the flower.

When we let go of each other we exchanged those I-have-missed-you smiles coupled with a few words. Daisy held my left arm in her right in bravado and led the way. I did not know where she was taking me but I had much confidence in her. Our previous discussions portrayed her as a trustworthy person and the only way to know whether or not a person is trustworthy is by trusting them. Once we were away from the town’s crowds and their noises she started talking to me.
“Have you ever been to this place”?
“Yes dear, we do pass here on our way from Nairobi to Busia and back”, I gobbled looking at her shinny brown leather shoes. “There is a certain hotel around here where we often stop to help ourselves before proceeding with the journey”. Daisy was in stitches, I didn’t know whether she was laughing at what I had just said or something else. She is one those girls who must bend down while laughing and are fond of covering their mouths with the back of their hands with eyes halfway closed.

We walked for almost an hour talking as though we had known each other for a decade. Daisy was a jovial and talkative lady. Full of life and energy. As we walked down what seemed like a valley she stopped and said, “Don’t be scared this is river Naiberi and up there is Naiberi Resort. It is safe and quiet place I would like us to pour out our hearts”, I nodded in sheer excitement. Wasn’t that a surprise? Our first date taking place a long a river!

There’s no one at the river. Its water was clear and was flowing at high speed cascading downwards as it produced a throbbing sound. We also walked down the river following the water. There was a big stone in a shade on which we both sat side by side like a pair of lovebirds on a tree branch on a rainy night.
“We are going to spend our day here”, she said while removing her bag from her back. “Feel free and at home, assume this is your home and I am your newly married wife”, she added laughing hysterically. I just smiled and looked at the water running very fast downwards. Perhaps it was the same way blood flew in my veins.

“Sorry, I had promised to kiss you but I couldn’t do it in the middle of the town. Kindly stand up and let me give you your kiss”, I sprung up hugged her and kissed her. We kissed until we were both wet. Wet on the lips. Until I felt some seismic waves from my knees upwards.
“I have fulfilled my promise. I can see you are now a changed”, she said looking at my belt or something else near the belt.
“Thanks darling. I have always felt like we are meant to be. If love wasn’t abstract you’d be seeing it flow out from my heart to your feet and elsewhere”, my voice was faint and barely audible unless someone keenly listening as she did. We both sat down on the stone again facing the river.

“JB my love for you is natural and grows daily. I have been yearning to feast my eyes on you”, she said.
“I love you Daisy. If I didn’t love you I’d have come this far to just meet you here darling”. We were both looking into each other’s eyes without any shyness. Our conversations continued for over two hours and the atmosphere around us changed into that of a honeymoon.

“JB I carried something for you”, she groped into her bag and pulled out a guard of sour milk (murisk). “If you truly love me you should finish this”. I don’t like sour milk but not the one that has been prepared by someone I love so much. I took a few gulps and the salivary glands in my jaws reacted. I closed my eyes after every sip.
“Thanks darling. How long has it taken you to prepare this”?
“Over one week. It is my mum who prepared it”.
“Did she know it was meant for me”?
“Yes I told her I was going to meet her son-in-law to be. Even right now she knows we are here but dad is in the dark”! I was shocked and looked at her in utter disbelief. All she did was to smile at me. “Do you like it”? She asked.
“Yes dear. I love it and I am happy you took time with your mum to prepare this murisk for me, kongoi”.

Daisy raised her leg and put on mine. “I have a sensitive question JB”, she paused looking at my oesophagus as murisk cascaded downwards. Then she continued, “would you still love me if you found out that I have a baby”?
“Why not dear? I can’t love a company and hate the products. We have all made mistakes in the past”.
“Wow! I love you darling”, she said almost going onto her knees.
“Having a child doesn’t change the fact that you are a wonderful girl and I love you from the bottom of my heart”. I said holding her shoulder. Daisy was calm and perhaps numb. She put her arms around me and leaned on my shoulder.

“Don’t you betray me JB. If you do I’ll never forgive you”, her heartbeat was a little bit faster and louder. “I’ll never do that, One God”. We spent a moment without talking to each other to let our promises sink.

End of part 1

Appealing for help on behalf of a stranded Busia Girl.

An orphan and once upon a time a street child is in serious need of financial support in order to join form. Linet was picked up by Madam Doris Wako who provided her with a roof over her head and all the necessary basic needs. She also took her back to school.

Linet sat her KCPE exam last year, 2018 at Mundika Girls and scored 340 marks. Which is something worth writing home about.

She has been admitted to Ahero Girls. Unfortunately, there is no enough money to cater for everything she needs to join the above named Secondary School as Doris is still offering basic needs to many other needy children.

We’re therefore appealing to well wishers to come to the rescue of this girl and enable her to proceed with her studies. For more information about the said student and where to channel your contributions kindly get in touch with Madam Jacque Wandera via mobile number
‭+254 711 584774‬.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Why My Wife And I Broke Up and We’ll Never be Back Together. #amwriting

On that fateful Monday morning when the 5am alarm rung my wife woke up immediately and picked up her phone from the cupboard beside our bed. She cancelled the alarm, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and went to the toilet to pass water. She then proceeded to prepare breakfast before we could both leave for work, to different workplaces. My wife sat down and peeled a few fingers of banana singing one of her favorite Lunganda gospel songs. She likes bananas very much.

When she finished cooking the banana she went to the bathroom to take a cold shower, her blood possessed a lot of heat that she hardly boiled water for bathing, unlike me. A few minutes to 6am as she was still taking her shower, a message came into her phone that was still lying on the pillow beside me. I didn’t succumb to the temptation to read it. Then came a phone from someone saved as “Diet”. I didn’t pick it either. Another message came almost two minutes after Diet’s call ended. I felt like there was an emergency to be attended to. So I read the first message. She had just received 5000/- from a guy by the name Daniel Tshivachi. My heart moved from its normal position and knocked my Left kidney hard, or rather that is what I felt happened.

The second message read,

“I hope you arrived safely. I have sent you the money you requested for plus the transport you used to my place. Hope we will meet on next weekend again, you are yummy”! I wish you saw my eyes after reading the second text, they were red like pepper and tears came out of them spontaneously as though I was cutting onion closer to my eyes.

My wife had grown fond of traveling on every weekend, Saturday evenings she went to visit her sister who lives in Kariobangi. If she didn’t visit her sister she went to chama on Sunday mornings. Before this fateful day, she left the house at 8am for chama as I went to church alone, like I did every other Sunday. She came back at 9:15pm. Those other Sundays she returned at 8pm or a few minutes to 8pm. But it seemed the numbers of ‘AOBs’ was too high on that particular Sunday. I took the Diet’s number that very moment and waited for to come out of bathroom.

As soon as she was out of the bathroom I said, “Daniel Tshivachi just sent you 5000/-here. What a good way to start your week!”

My wife gave me a unique look similar to the one my mum had given sometimes back in late 1990s when she found out that I drunk her milk and added water to the one that was remaining to confuse her. She dipped a match stick in the milk and tried to strike it on a matchbox, it didn’t light up. She gave me a slap I will never forget.

“And who is Daniel Tshivachi?” She also wanted to confuse me.

“I guess his other name is Diet!” I replied looking directly into her eyes. She turned her eyes to the floor and the towel which she had wrapped around her body fell down like the biblical curtains. She remained like Eve in the garden of Eden on the middle-fruit-eating day. Her heartbeat increased rapidly and I could clearly see her bust moving up and down very fast.

“Don’t pretend. Put on clothes and let’s settle this matter amicably. Maybe Daniel Tshivachi is your chama’s chairperson!” I tried to sound as sarcastic as possible but my wife remained transfixed at the bathroom’s doorway. I picked up my phone and called Diet to find out more information just in case he had some food to offer. I placed the phone on loud speaker once it started calling.

“Hello, good morning”!

“Good morning to you Daniel, you are speaking to Elizabeth’s husband. Who is Elizabeth to you please”? I did not reveal any anger in my voice.

Daniel replied, “And what are you”?

“My name is…”

“Young man I didn’t ask who you are, I asked what you are”! He retorted. I ran out of airtime and the call ended. Elizabeth was now sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing as if there was a body of close relative lying on the floor.

Two minutes later Daniel Tshivachi called back. I picked the call and placed the phone on loud speaker recording it.

“Now young man listen to me and listen very carefully; I met your wife at her workplace some six months ago and I liked her, and I go for what I like. I am a go-getter… I’m not insinuating that your wife is loose but just like any other woman she has ridiculous weakness for money. And I have the strength that very few men have on this earth”! He paused

“And what is that strength”? I asked feeling a strong heartburn in my chest.

“I have money, a lot of it. I have cars, I have apartments and almost 99% of women I have wanted I have gotten them, yours being one them”!

I wanted to say something but words refused to form in my mouth.

“In just six months I have given your wife more money than you have in the last three years of your so-called marriage. I have also banged her harder than you can ever do in your lifetime. For every Saturday night that your wife has spent with me I made maximum use of her… and for your information, for every woman, including your girl, on whom I don’t use rubber I pay them well” !

“What did you just say”? I sounded like a helpless baby. My wife was crying and her whole body was shaking vehemently. She covered her face with her hands and tears followed her arms and fell down from the elbows like rain water on tree branches.

Daniel continued with his lecture, “…next time before you wake up a man of stature to ask such useless things do your investigations well. You are a poor ass who should be calling me to ask for money or good job, but not whose genitals I have seen or used. In Nairobi, good women do not belong to poor boys like you” he cleared his throat noisily and added,

“It’s not only your wife I have banged this year. But of over thirty men it’s only you who has got the guts to ask me about my extramarital affairs. Be careful young man, I can take both your wife and life if you ever threaten me again”!

My phone dropped off from my hands to the floor scattering the battery and the lid. I cried and cried. Men hardly cry that way, but I did. I felt like his words were piecing my heart turning it into a sieve. My wife had betrayed me, she chose money over love, marriage and family. It was hurtful to think of it. The following day I packed my clothes and left the house with an empty and leaking heart. I could no longer put up with that level of betrayal and humiliation. My wife was a serpent!

I carefully listen to my friend narrate this true story to me at Lunar Park, Nairobi on 31st of December, 2018 in utter disbelief and felt like it was my own story. It was heartbreaking and at some point I felt the same way you felt thinking it is about me!

In Insatiable Love With My Crush: #amwriting

When Daisy finally agreed to come and visit me after pestering her on phone calls and Social media I started making arrangements to host her in my bedsitter. An almost empty room that was rarely neatly organized. The two plastic stools and a plastic round table on the floor kept moving from the center to the kitchen or to the doorway and sometimes they lay upside down on the floor for several days. I now had to rectify such things. The dirty utensils that were heaped into a bucket at the kitchen area had to be cleaned. First impression matters.
Three days to the visit I went to nearby slaughter and bought two kilograms of beef and started roasting it. Daisy was my all time crush and in our conversations she would tell me what she likes and what she dislikes. Roasted meat was one of her favorite meals, I remember her telling me earlier. I also bought one litre of yoghurt, chocolate and a few snacks that she was fond of posting on her WhatsApp status. Having no refrigerator I submerged the bottle of yoghurt in a bucket full of cold water to keep it fresh and cool. Milk is the nickname for Kalenjin you know. On the arrival day I woke up very early in the morning and prepared thick milk tea before I proceeded to bus stop to wait for her.
I was expecting her anytime from 9:30am but she arrived at 9am. Daisy was time conscious, unlike some ladies we know. She alighted from the matatu dressed in cotton maroon dress with black shades on. A brown handbag was dangling from the wrist of her left arm. A handful of piece of her weave was almost covering her left eye.

“Good morning JB!” She gobbled as she stretched out her hand to shake mine.
“Good morning to you too Daisy”, I answered shaking her hand warmly. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long dear.”

“No. I have just arrived a few minutes ago”, I responded.

We started walking to my house which was almost 800m away. We walked side by side talking and laughing. “When we last met in a seminar at Nakuru you were a bit slim, it seems nowadays you eat a lot!” She sounded satirical but both of us laughed.

“And you you were as dark as Churchill and the burden you are carrying behind you wasn’t that heavy but today you look like Vera Sidika!” She gave me a hearty slap on my left shoulder laughing uncontrollably.

In blink of an eye we were at my door. I opened the door and ushered her in as some neighbours peeped from their windows trying to find out who she was. I reduced the angle of the door almost closing, it was the first time I used my loci Maths knowledge to do something in my life. I took her handbag and hanged it on a nail on the wall. Thereafter she spread out her arms to hug me. Something I was longing for. We warmly hugged each other for about two minutes pressing ourselves against each other tightly while talking in tongues. The feeling was so good for both of us that we didn’t want to let go. We, however, did not swap saliva.

“Kindly be seated dear”, I said showing her a stool. Daisy was either unconscious or had been carried away by the hug. I helped her sit down because she seemed dizzy. “Thanks JB”, she said shyly looking at my portrait on the wall. I gave her time to ‘recover’ before I could serve her a cup of tea. In the meantime I put the television and DVD on and played her a few Kalenjin gospel songs by certain artist known as Lelei. Very beautiful songs.

“Assist me with a glass water please”,I gave her a glass of water then brought tea. We sipped the tea together amid jokes of all kinds. At the beginning she was shy like a school girl eating with teachers in the staffroom but with time she let go of the fears and took her breakfast well. Daisy was such a cool girl with a sense of humour. A down to earth lady.
“How long have you been living here?”

“About six months now.”

“Okay, that is cool. Do we have unmarried ladies living here”? That question was tricky, why did she ask about unmarried ladies?
“Yes, there is two.”
She did not ask any other questions. Perhaps she did not want to make me feel suspicious.
It was around 10am when we finished taking breakfast. Daisy removed the cups and plates from the table and placed them on the cupboard. She wiped the table with the edge of her palm then sat on her stool. “Now bring stories” she continued, “I have read several of your articles on social media. Are you intending to become a writer?”

“Yes dear. I plan to start writing novels and short stories next year”.

“That is great. Keep on writing, I personally love your articles.”
“Thanks.” I replied smiling at her.
“You have always wanted me to come and visit you…”
“What is it that you’ve always wanted to tell me”? Her voice was beginning to grow weak and faint. I removed the table from between us and moved my stool close to hers till our laps were interlocking but she was just okay with that.
“Daisy darling look at this house; my heart is more empty and disorganized than this house is. I saw a wife in you the very first time we met in a seminar in Nakuru…”

“JB don’t lie”.
“I’m not lying to you. I have kept a close eye on you ever since hoping that love shall one day germinate between us. But you have never sent me a signal of love!” Tears were already oozing from her eyes down her jaws. Daisy became too emotional that she could not talk.
“I’m sorry if I have provoked you dear”.

“No dar… darling, you have not provoked me. At times I felt like you really loved me but sometimes I felt like it was pure infatuation. I have always felt envious whenever I seen you post photos of a certain lady.” She was now seriously sobbing. Her eyes had turned red and her dress was already wet at the neck region. She pulled the helm of dress up and wiped the tears. It was like both of us were ladies or she simply had nothing to hide from me. She had brown succulent thighs that I couldn’t help but stare at for a while. I also tried wiping her tears with my handkerchief but it was like her tears were coming from some taps with high pressure.

“That lady is my cousin and a close friend of mine. She is a well behaved lady with whom I share many secrets, I confide in her.” My voice was smooth and faint.

“I just learned that you are relatives the other day and it stopped giving goose bumps. The second reason why I have always hidden my love for you is because I don’t know you well. I don’t want to end up with a community husband who will break my heart again!” Daisy sounded like a woman carrying lots of true love is her heart but very cautious not to give it to someone who didn’t deserve it.

“I want you to try me. I want you to give me a chance to be part of your life and I assure you today that you’ll never regret. You can take it to the bank.” Her laps were trembling and her whole body was shaking. I held her hand and we both went to sit on the bed. She shuffled her feet on the floor involuntarily towards the bed. I sat on the bed while she sat on my laps and leaned over my chest still tears oozing from her eyes. After a while, she raised her head and looked into my eyes for the very first time and kissed me holding my neck.

“JB I want you to be my man. Mine alone. I’m very confident that you have more than I needed from a man. I want to give you my heart to do anything you want with it” she continued after a dramatic pause.
“I want to demonstrate to you that women with true love still exist. That there are women who don’t care whether a man is rich or not. But I want you to assure me of one thing, that your love for me is real and you won’t go chasing harlots in the city for sex”.

“No dear. I have been desperately looking for someone as genuine as you. Since you have accepted to love me I have everything I needed. I’ll respect and adore you always darling”, she again leaned over my chest and placed her hands around my ribcage. I could clearly feel her heartbeat in mine. Her breath was warm and slow.

Daisy fell asleep while on my chest. I leaned backwards and put her on the bed and went to lock the door just in case the ill mannered children started eavesdropping. I came back and positioned her well on the bed and we both fell into deep sleep closely together. We slept like infant twins in a nursery. When I woke up it was 7am and I was alone on the bed. I was dirty and sticky even though the dream was awesome and seemed real.

Miss Tourism Busia County 2019

Miss Tourism Busia County 2019 auditions are already underway. The uniquely immaculate Namada Ekada Riengu is one of the contestants whose participation has sent strong waves of fears and anxieties among all other contestants.

A rumor has it that some have already shelved their ambition to take part for fear of being beaten pants down?

Her American height, 5.3, weight 520N and her one thousand shilling note skin colour places her higher on the list of the possible winners of the contest even without mentioning her eloquence, charming personality and level of education (bachelors degree in aeronautical engineering- Andema University, main campus)

Speaking on AmaurireTV yesterday, the soft spoken Namada said and I quote, “I know my desire to go for it has flabbergasted many even my own parents are mesmerized, but I won’t develop cold feet. My win will not only perplex my fellow contents but also Busians at large. It’s impossible until someone does it, I will.” She expressed the confidence of a night runner on a moonless night.

Go for it Namada.